Teaching via Zoom

Zoom has become the teaching format of choice since March 2020, and it actually offers a whole lot of bonuses for learners even when we do all get out and stay out of Lockdown.

It enables lessons to be taken from the comfort of your own home, as well as cutting out travel time to and from my home studio in Lincoln. You can make a cup of tea how you like it, and I can record and send you all materials easily. This also works well if you have allergies as I do have two cats and Zoom will ensure you don’t end up sneezing!

To take a Zoom lesson you need to have a device with a webcam/microphone and the Zoom app installed. If you have another device (such as a phone) which you can play a backing track through to sing along to, all the better, although we can work around that. It will also help if you have a printer to print out sheet music and words that I send you, although I can send through physical copies for a small fee if that isn’t possible.